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Two months after her disappearance, a young woman's body turns up on a New Hampshire riverbank hundreds of miles from home. Now the murder victim’s identical twin, Rose Blue, tries to use her flawed psychic connection to her sister to solve the tragic case.

Homicide Detective Luke Lennox is skeptical of her abilities and finds the mysterious newcomer a distraction. As the department’s latest hire, he has a lot to prove, and he’s learned from past experiences a personal involvement with Rose will only end in disaster. When a threatening message alerts Rose the murderer dreams of them together, Lennox must stay close to Miss Blue. With the clock ticking and a cunning killer always one step ahead, Luke reluctantly allows her close to him during his investigation. But can he protect her from the danger that lies ahead, or lose his heart and career in this deadly game of doubles?



Sorry you missed the tour. It was great! Here are some reviews:

IT's RAINING BOOKS--This author writes an outstanding romantic suspense. One of the best I have read in a long time. I would absolutely recommend highly.

5 Flowers - I loved this book! It's on my keeper shelf! I highly recommend it.


MUSINGS FROM AN ADDICTED READER--I thought initially I had this story figured out, wrong.  I was completely surprised at the end.  I thought the pacing was perfect in this story and it left little crumbs along the way keeping you both invested in the mystery and the romance.  Fantastic read.


Dead Women Tell No Lies was a thoroughly enjoyable novel that I would certainly recommend. Ms. DeLuc definitely knows how to draw a reader in and keep them reading (and guessing) until the "OH MY GOD THEY WERE THE KILLER!?!?" ending.


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