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Always My Hero

Lady Jane Hamilton was snooping in her father's library-and she wasn't the least ashamed of it. To find her missing sister Cassandra, she would break into Westminster Palace if she had to. She never expected to find charismatic Robert Reed, the man she had adored since childhood, in the darkened study.

And no matter what her sister's purported crime, Jane knew the true reason Robert wanted to find her-Cassandra was the woman Robert desired. Returning from the war to find himself the new Earl of Hazenwood, Robert had good reason to seek out Cassandra-she was accused of murdering his step-brother! Robert refused to believe it, but he couldn't deny the fact that little Jane was now a grown woman, and a spirited one, at that. Determined to join him in the search for her sister, Jane's presence was a distracting temptation-until Robert realized it was her love he wanted to claim.

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